16 July 2006


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15 July 2006 - Meet Omar Day
on 9 July, Pageant members had the opportunity to meet Omar Janneh, the Science Co-ordinator from Sinchu Baliya Lower Basic School.

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15 July 2006 - IceCold at the PBC Launch Party

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Omar is off to the RMS Light Microscopy Summer School

Omar Janneh will be travelling up to York to attend the RMS Light Microscopy Summer School later today (Sunday 16 July) This will be very exciting for him, particularly as he had never even seen a train until Friday, let alone travelled on three of them to get from Horsham to York! We wish him well for his course and look forward to seeing him when he returns to Horsham on Friday.

14 July 2006



Ibrakeforcake have recently sent us several updates. See their Pageant page. See also the Ibrakeforcake blog.