31 December 2006


Plymouth-Banjul & T4 Challenge Updates

Keep up to date with 'Pageants' teams. See our news page and teams pages for IceCold, Ibrakeforcake, Desert Mice & First to the Bar! and Shap Ahoy. We are doing daily updates as the news comes in, so keep checking these pages.

21 December 2006


Plymouth-Banjul Challenge News

Ibrakeforcake have driven through France with an overnight stop in Bergerac. The gearbox in their Trooper is slowly stripping fifth gear, but they have located a replacement in Gibraltar. We all have our fingers crossed. (more details)
Desert Rats and First to the bar! have arrived in Tarifa via Bayonne, Tours, Madrid and Cordoba, and are ready to cross over to Africa. (more details)

16 December 2006


Ibrakeforcake departing tomorrow...

Chris, Dave and Ed have just dropped in to see us, having packed up for their start tomorrow. They all seem to be looking forward to the trip - if somewhat stunned that it is all actually going to happen TOMORROW! We wish them, and all the other PtoB rally teams, the very best for their travels ... Chris & Dave hope to file a daily report, which will be posted on their blog and then picked up by Pageant, so you will all be able to track their progress. As you can see from the photos, Ed is a central part of the action...

06 December 2006


The Artemisia Project - treatment for malaria

Tea made from the leaves of Artemisia annua is an inexpensive and effective treatment for malaria, which originated in China. Trials of Artemisia annua 'Anamed', a variety suited to hot climates, are under way at the Gambian National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI). Pageant is providing funds for NARI to grow plants, to distribute them to several villages, and then to train villagers in cultivation and further propagation by cuttings. (more details)