06 June 2007


Bakalarr Inter School Sports update

Bakalarr headmaster Bakary Gitteh has given us this update on the Inter School Sports which the school hosted last week:
"The competition is over and I am happy to inform you that our school boys beat Essau at the final stage and our girls also did well by going up to final stage by winning all their games but have lost the final one. Generally both boys and girls did very well by coming up to the final stage in the tournament. It was a very tough competition. The competition is now over and the other schools went back to their various schools last Sunday night. We are now preparing for our end of year exams."

02 June 2007


Azores and Back Ocean Race starts today

David White from Radio Cornwall will start the ninth Azores and Back (AZAB) race at 1pm on Saturday 2nd June, with the firing of a cannon from Pendennis Castle. The start line is off Pendennis Point, Falmouth, and 51 boats are expected to be taking part. One of these will be Bandit, crewed by Mike Martin, and Fraser Currie (shown left). They will be raising sponsorship for Campama School, one of Pageant's projects in The Gambia.

You can follow the progress of all the boats in the race on this page of the AZAB website. You can select some or all competitors. To home in on Bandit, you must deselect every one else, and select Bandit in Class 2. To make things easier, we have set up a dedicated link to Bandit's progress.

We will bring you more pictures as we get them, and keep you up to date on Bandit's progress, both here and on Bandit's web page.