20 May 2008


Maps showing Gambian schools

We have created a number of Google Maps which show the exact location of many of the schools which Pageant is associated with in The Gambia:

Make sure you select the 'Satellite' view, and in many cases you can zoom in to see the actual buildings. Please let us know if we have got anything wrong.

19 May 2008




Nusrat senior secondary school recently held a two-day HIV test and counselling exercise conducted by a non-governmental organization called Hands on Care (HOC) with sponsorship from the Global Fund.

Speaking on the significance of the exercise the principal of the school Mr. Karamo S Bojang expressed satisfaction at the high turnout of students and stated that it would help them to know their status as well as give support and care to those living with the disease.

The head of the testing and counseling group, Barra Njie sounded delighted at the high turnout of students, which he attributed to the principal who was the first to do the test thereby motivating students to come forward.

He also lamented the negative attitude of parents in other schools towards the exercise who in his words order their children not to partake in it.

The exercise is the latest of its kind the organization is undertaking in schools across the breadth and length of the Gambia.

18 May 2008


Report on Community Health Nursing in Mansa Konko LRR

Hello to all members and well wishers of PAGEANT from Lamin Kebbeh.
Allow me to to express my profound gratitude to Pippa & Ian and Joelle Rowthorn and all members of PAGEANT who contribute in one way or the other in making Gambian education a success by sponsoring stundents from all levels Primary, Junior, senior secondary schools,University of the Gambia and other tertiary institutions like G.T.T.I, M.D.I and G.T.M.I just to name a few.
I am now on a study programme for Enrolled Community Health Nurses, located at a relatively small community in the Kings Hill - Mansa Konko Lower River Region which is about 81.5 kilometres away from Banjul. Temperature ranges from 38 - 39°C daily. It is about 30 metres from the Mansa Konko Police Station and approximately 1.5 km from Soma main market, which are to the north and south respectively. The school is within an area of 80x98 metres, with three building blocks sparsely located out side, while sharing the south fence with the Regional Health Management Team(RHMT). It was founded on 15 May 1977.
The few trees and flowers within the school represent the vegetation cover. These are well arranged and with a few scattered stones are inevitably seen upon reaching the school. Within this are three building blocks which are the offices of the principal, other teaching staff and auxiliaries.
The school has always been headed by a principal and jointly administered by teaching staff, suported by and supervised by the central level of the Department of State Health(DOSH).

This report has been sent to us from Lamin Kebbeh - he has had trouble with entering his post to the blog and so I am doing it for him. Many thanks, Lamin - I hope I have posted it as you wish.

05 May 2008


Gambia Police Force Defend May Day Title

The 18th edition of the May Day Sports organised by the Gambia National Olympic Commitee (GNOC) has once again crowned Gambia Police Force as the 2008 champions of the annual sporting event that pits various departments and institutions against one another as part of celebrations marking Workers' Day.
The Gambia Police Force won the 17th edition of the championship last year and defended the title this year after brilliant performances during the event that was held at the Independence Stadium in Bakau.