24 October 2006


From The Gambia - week 1

Well, here we are - and wow, is it hot!! It is also somewhat frustrating as there have been only two school days in the week since we arrived - the end of Ramadan has meant extended school holidays. Great for the children, I am sure, but not so good for us.
We have managed to set up the Science Practical seminars for February for the South Bank Schools, but the schools on the North Bank are all on holiday until next Monday (our last day), so we will have to hope all goes well on that day. Those Pageant members who have visited the North Bank on the Banjul to Barra Ferry will know that it is not always plain sailing!
We have visited a number of children and families - and have seen Wandifa's new baby son (very cute!). School here on the South Bank re-open on Thursday, so we hope to cram a lot of school visits into two days!

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