25 November 2006


King's Kid Academy

The King's Kid Academy, located in Temasu, near Lamin, south west of Banjul, is the latest school to be helped by Pageant. Read more on our new King's Kid Academy page.
Funds are being raised for KKA by two teams in the 2007 Plymouth-Banjul Challenge - Desert Mice & First to the Bar!

20 November 2006



Pageant now has 173 children and young people whose education is being supported by individual sponsors. Please see our Sponsorship Page for further information, and our Sponsor Enquiry Page to see those currently waiting for sponsorship.

Plymouth-Banjul Challenge - Iron Mighty

Iron Mighty (Team 7107 in the Plymouth-Banjul Challenge) have collected around 150 football shirts, 30 pairs of shorts & socks and an agility training kit, with more to come including footballs and cricket equipment. Pageant will be assisting in distributing these in The Gambia.

New Ethical Gifts from GEPADG

The Gunjur Environmental Protection and Development Group works to achieve long-term, sustainable solutions to poverty in The Gambia through reversing the current destruction of forests, mangroves and coastal ecosystems. It is based on the Atlantic coast, and is staffed entirely by Gambians motivated by their desire to protect and enhance their natural environment. This year Pageant is offering Ethical Gifts in partnership with GEPADG as well as the usual range of Pageant gifts. See our Gifts Page for the full range. For further information about GEPADG see our new GEPADG page or the GEPADG website.

05 November 2006


Pageant North

As Pageant members living in the North of England, it is difficult for us to attend AGMs and Open Days hosted by Ian and Pippa down in Horsham. Having spoken to Ian and Pippa, we are planning to hold a Northern postAGM and hopefully more meetings/get-togethers at our home in Tyldesley, Manchester. We hope members who live nearer to us than to Ian and Pippa will think this is a good idea and hopefully as a Northern Group we can get together to share our love of The Gambia and perhaps come up with some fund-raising ideas of our own.

Pageant North UK Agent.