17 November 2007


Ethical Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is approaching fast, so it's time to think about presents for your friends and family. Perhaps you struggle every year to find something suitable. Pageant can help you solve this problem. We have a list of Ethical Gifts starting at just £6. When you purchase one of our gifts, your friend or relative gets a specially commissioned Pageant Christmas Card and an illustrated Gift Token, which shows the Ethical Gift you have bought on their behalf, and describes how it will help someone in The Gambia.

Nearly all of our gifts are purchased in The Gambia, so helping the local economy as well as the recipient. All of the purchase price goes to The Gambia. We don't deduct any administration or handling fees. Also we can treat you donation as GiftAid, so tax reclaimed can be used for other Pageant projects.

So everyone is offering ethical gifts now, but why not have a look at what Pageant has to offer.

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