18 February 2008


16 -18 February

Catching up a bit here. As the girls say, we visited several compounds a couple of days ago. Everyone we visited was so gracious in receiving us. This is a particularly lovely shot.

Yesterday, I slobbed in the morning but when the kids all arrived it was all action. We played beach footie. The Gambian lads are quick and skilled, but sand and size helped me. I played for the girls team who tended to swarm round rather than pass. Shades of Thisbe for me in defence.

The girls jumped the Atlantic breakers and were surprised by a big fish but no one was eaten.

Frances meanwhile lounged luxuriantly on the beach (how long before she spots this?).

Tomorrow, we are off up country for two days and have get up some unearthly hour to sample the delights of the ferry. I think I'm pretty much packed and have been putting in ineffectual training on the volleyball court in preparation.

Chris :) <><

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