12 February 2008



We spent this morning at KMJ with nursery 2 (age 5-6). The children spoke better english and were more appreciative of the art lesson. Firstly they drew their own pictures with crayons to take home. This was followed by symmetrical shapes where the children painted half the shape and folded it to make a symmetrical shape. The main excitement was the masks - each child had a mask which they painted and were then able to put glitter and feathers on to. They thoroughly enjoyed painting and wearing the masks. We then did songs and games including over-and-under with a balloon. After KMJ we visited a school, Latrikunda Lower Basic to see a sponsored child before returning to the hotel. Later in the afternoon we went shopping in the Banjul market to buy some of the gifts purchased through the Pageant gift token scheme. This included cooking pots, mosquito nets and serving bowls.


Lauren, Sarah, Rosie and Frances


P.S. we apologise for any bad spelling - we are trying to do it quickly in case of power cuts!!!

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