13 February 2008


Update from the PAGEANT team!

Today was our last day teaching at KMJ. We had the older class (age 6-7) and did similar activities to yesterday. Firstly each child drew their own wax crayon picture which they thoroughly enjoyed. Their English was very good and they knew quite a lot of the songs we sang. The masks were again a big success as you can see in the photos. When we had finished we gave out prizes for the children who we believed were the most enthusiastic and hardworking during our visits. They each received a small drinking flask and a chocolate coin. We gave Ansumana some presents - a folder, some file dividers and a game which he loved. The teachers expressed their thanks to us and said how much they enjoyed the days we were there and learnt lots from us. They said they hoped we would be able to visit before we go home for a small party to thank us.

We visited a sponsored girl called Sandy at her school Abuko Nursery School. We then had a relaxing afternoon at the hotel!

Frances, Lauren, Rosie and Sarah xxxx

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