17 March 2008


The Chairman of Marlborough-Gunjur link visits Gunjur Village

The chairman of Gunjur - Marlborough link Dr. Nick Mores is on a two-week visit to Gunjur with a view to strengthening the link and also preparing the ground for the 25th anniversary celebration of the link which commenced in 1982. Every year groups of visitors from Marlborough come to Gunjur and reside with local families in a bid to promote cultural exchange. On a visit to the head of women [Nansinba], Dr. Mores expressed satisfaction with the link’s progress and also pledged support to the women’s horticultural garden, which is also a project accomplished by the link and employs about 63 women who are engaged in growing vegetables. Dr Nick Mores expressed similar sentiments on visits to the alkalo [village head]. He also visited the pre-school, which is also run by the school and thanked the staff for their hard work and commitment.
In a similar engagement he also met the vice president Isatou Njie Saidy alongside other members of the link and the chief of the village to inform her about the activities of the link. [I hail from Gunjur and have been monitoring his visit]

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