05 March 2008


Thanks for your company and all your hard work, girls....

This is just to say a big thank-you to our intrepid threesome for all their hard work with the schools, for getting all the news up on the blog during our trip and for all the laughs we had during our various Gambian experiences in February. We really enjoyed having you with us - my main fear is that the Pageant webmaster will now expect this sort of news update on EVERY trip....
I am attaching a photo of you all on our last evening, when, for a change, we were all clean and tidy! Do come again - it won't be the same without you.
Lots of love, Pippa
PS Our thanks to Sarah and Chris, too - they may only have spent a week each with us, but they both made their mark. We hope they each enjoyed their first Gambian trip - we did!

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