21 April 2008


A Great, Fantastic and Wonderful Dinner with Pippa, Tina and Linda in The Gambia

It was a rather exciting afternoon for me, after returning from school in the evening only to be told by Sainey that "We are having a dinner with Pippa tonight"!!!!
Vividly remembering how beautiful, wonderful, great and lively it was back in February when we had a dinner with Pippa, Ian, Frances, Rosie, Lauren and other older sponsored members, I quickly put off my uniform, into my ordinary clothes and rather rough pair of slippers, and off I left with Sainey to the appointed place.
After joining Tina, Pippa and Linda at the dinner table. I learnt with surprise that Tina was indeed Frances' mother and so funny and educating she was about Autism whose victims she teaches.
Asked as to what kind of drink I would love take, I decided to help mysellf to a wonderful malta!!!! And for the dinner I decided to help myself with meat bruchette and chips!!! (my first ever time to eat it)
The dinner went so greatly, wonderfully and quite happily wth lively and educating discussions.
But one thing I would have to make Pippa and Tina know is, I was a little bit jealous as they were in the first place paying much attention to Sainey who is under the sponsor of their artist, great and amazing 86year old mother.
Nonetheless, they shouldn't be sorry because I don't lose a sleep over it.

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