04 April 2008


Senior Teachers, Head Teachers and Cluster Monitors Trained

At least 30 cluster monitors, senior teachers and head teachers recently took part in a three day workshop on school management. The workshop was held in Armitage School in Janjanbureh in the Central River Division (C.R.D).

In his welcoming remarks, Mr. Fabrama Ma Fatty, Assistant Regional Secretary for C.R.D, said that the workshop was very timely, because education is a dynamic process with emerging new ideas and innovation in the area of management. He further stated that the workshop aimed to enhance capacity for school managers. He urged the participants to make the best use of the training. According to him, the training was organized and funded by the Swedish Teachers Union in collaboration with Gambia Teachers Union.

For his part, the Acting Secretary General of the Gambia Teachers Union, Mr. Essa Sowe, said the importance of the workshop could not be over emphasized and added that, based on experience, there are lot of trivial issues within the GTU, which need to be addressed in terms of the general conduct of members. According to him, some head teachers, even though they are the school managers, don’t know the basic instruments that govern their lives as teachers and managers.

Among the other speakers was Mr. Pa Daniel Mendy, program officer of GTU who spoke at length about their many roles in enhancing capacity building for teachers.

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