27 October 2008


Comping with Pippa at Linda's House

Hello to everyone.
First of all I would like to give thanks to the Almighty who enabled me to come across Pageant, and to every member of Pageant association especially Pippa. On the 26 of October 2008, Pippa called on such a comping at Linda's house in Kotu. I arrived at Linda's by some mins to 3pm and I met some of the students sitting and chatting. As soon as I arrived Linda welcomed me and gave me a chair to sit and soft-drink to refresh me from the heat. After some time all the students had an interview with Pippa about our education, like what do you want to do and why do you want to do it. Then we have chicken yassa, its was very delicious meal and the lady who cooked was a very good cook. We have been exchanging ideas while relaxing and enjoying the breeze by some mins past 5pm. Surprisingly I heard Wandifa Saidykhan saying that one of the girls among us 20th birthday is 26 October, then we just start singing happy birthday to her. After some time again I saw Linda coming out with CAKE and drinks. She shared it between us. From there we take some pictures then we say good bye to each other with happiness. This day was big joy to me because I have met a friend whom I miss for about 2 years. His name is Lamin Kebbeh, and he is the guy sitting next to me at the table.
Well once again thanks Pippa, Linda and Pageant members.Wishing you long life, good health and success with all you want to do or are doing, from Lamin (GTMI)

(A note to UK readers from Pippa: I enquired as to the meaning of 'comping', which is a word often used by the students. It is derived from our word 'camping' but seems to be more like what we would call a picnic - a gathering of people together for a chat and a meal. It can be on the beach or, as on this occasion, at someone's house or compound. It was a really great afternoon - we enjoyed it as much as the students - thanks loads, Linda, for your hospitality.)

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