09 October 2008


Koriteh (posted on behalf of Lamin Jammeh)

Koriteh is a name given by the Wollof in The Gambia to Aid el-fier. This day is celebrated at the end of every Ramadan and Ramadan is among the strongest pillars of Islam. It comes once in every year, and it’s a matter for every Muslim to fast from the age of maturity - but it’s not just like not to drink or eat but your whole person must also be fasting, like you shouldn’t look or say something bad. Also it is a month of worshiping Allah and asking for forgiveness and helping the poor who don’t have anything or enough to break their fast. If you really do as Allah told us to do in the month of Ramadan then all your sins will be forgiven by Allah.
Koriteh is a day whereby in the morning, or before the day, one helps to make the poor or the needy to be happy by giving out things like rice, money, clothes or anything to the ones who don’t have enough so that on the day everybody will be happy because it is a day of happiness. And everybody should see what they wear or eat is good, the same even to their friend.
After that, in the same morning you have to take a bath and wear new or clean clothes and go to the prayer ground and pray. Then from there people normally go around to greet each other and ask forgiveness and pray for each other, asking Allah witness to us that we have many, many more days like this to come.
But it’s not like only in Ramadan we should do all I have mentioned above. Because we should help each other, do good and avoid saying bad things or hurting people.

(This has been posted on behalf of Lamin Jammeh, one of Pageant's FE students. Lamin is in red in the group photo)

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