31 October 2008


Mrs. Joan Dobie’s Painting for Alhassan & Sainey

After having myself settled in the back of the land rover, the first very thing that caught my eyes and amazed me as well was a painting done for my twin brother (Sainey) and me by artist Joan Dobie.

It indeed was a great source of pride and happiness for me that an artist of Mrs. Joan Dobie’s calibre and standing has taken a precious time in her 87-year-old life to do us such a great and marvellous painting of River Wey at Tilford in Surrey.

From Linda’s residence, we left for Gunjur or South as many Gunjurians call it (they call it South because it is located in the south Gambia)

Our only major stop on the way was at Tanji Primary School. From Tanji we left for Gunjur, only briefly stopping at police checkpoints in Sanyang and Kachumeh.

We arrived at Gunjur at around 11am where Pippa, Ian and Linda visited my family and they (my family) were so happy and pleased to receive them.

From my family compound of Darboe Kunda, we proceed to the mangrove swamp area with Mr. Badara Bajo well know by many locals as alias Base 5.

From the mangrove we returned back, only stopping at SeneGambia to have a delicious lunch.

Well to be frank and sincere, as for now I have nothing to complain about any unfair focus given to Sainey, like the last time we had a dinner with Tina, Pippa and Linda.

In fact, for me not to feel jealous, Pippa sat in between us during the lunch and we both received almost the same amount of focus.

Alhassan Darboe (Professor)

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