28 October 2008


Pageant Visit Nursery School

Pageant members recently visited Sheik Hatab Nursery School in Gunjur. The Nursery school benefits from the disbursements of chairs and tables which Pageant is to give to a number of schools across the country.
Upon arrival at the nursery school, pageant members, Pippa and Ian Howard expressed delight at seeing the school.

The Pageant group then proceeded to Gunjur Beach alongside the Director of Coastal Marine Biodiversity project, Badara Bajo, to see the mangrove restoration project site. The Pageant members were also hugely impressed with the sterling job that has been done at the site, with the impressive regeneration of mangroves in and around the lagoon.

They also visited our house where they met our family and the kids at our house. Pippa then kindly gave a torch light to my Dad, which does not need a battery. He so much values the torch that he won't let anyone use it. My mother was also given a first-aid kit to take care of small injuries in the house.
Sainey Darboe.

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