29 October 2008


A Visit with Pippa, Ian, Linda and others to Gunjur

After arriving home tired, the first thing I get to hear from Sainey was that “we are going to Gunjur with Pippa tomorrow” to see our family.
And the very first thing that sprang to my mind was putting and setting my things ready as it is a British appointment in which time is very respected than our W.A.I.T (West African International Time) or G.I.T (Gambian International Time) where less regard is given to time and often the person with whom you have appointment turns up many hours late.
Bearing in mind that it is a British appointment, I push aside my read-till-late-go-to-bed-late-and-woke-up-late timetable and went to bed early so that I could wake up early.
Everything goes well as I planned, I woke up early, took my bath and put on my American styled pair of trousers and my trade mark English Jersey with my so-called nick-name Professor written on the back (I hope to actualize the dreams of becoming a professor one day).
After dressing up, I left for Linda’s residence behind Kotu Police station where Pippa, Ian and other Gambians joined us.
NOTE: end of part one report on our visit to Gunjur and part two could be expected in the coming days.

Alhassand Darboe ( Professor).

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