24 November 2008


Ethical Gifts help Gambian Families

It's just a month to Christmas, and most of us haven't got a clue what presents to buy for our loved ones, friends or relatives. Why not avoid the shopping frenzy, by buying an ethical gift? Pageant's Gifts Page lists a range of gifts starting at just £6.50.
We supply you with a choice of four Pageant Christmas Cards together with Gift Certificates describing the gifts you chose. You send these to your friends or relatives, and the gifts themselves go to a student, a family or a village community in The Gambia.

Here are some examples:
For £7.50, a family in The Gambia receives a family-size mosquito net and insecticide. Malaria is the biggest cause of death in The Gambia, particularly in children under five and these nets are a very effective preventative measure.
£22.50 buys a family a 50Kg sack of the best rice, which will feed a large family for a month. Gambian farmers grow rice during the wet summer months, but this doesn't last the whole year, so then families must buy imported rice, which has recently become very expensive.

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