18 November 2008



Gunjur village may be thousands of miles away from Marlborough in the UK , but relations between the two places remains as strong as ever after two decades and a half of friendship which commenced in 1982.
Latest in efforts to further enhance and strengthen the link is a visit by a four-man delegation from Marlborough led by the Chairman of the link, Dr Nick Mores. The Marlborough delegation, which is on a week long visit, is expected to pay courtesy calls on the Gnansimba (head of women), the village chief and the newly appointed Alkalo, Sulayman Touray, who was recently inaugurated amidst much fanfare and support from the villagers.
The delegation is also expected to meet with the link commitee on the Gunjur side. The absconding of eight of twelve people who visited Marlborough as part of the link's cultural exchange programme is also widely expected to feature prominently in the meeting.

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