10 November 2008



Nusrat recently participated in a campaign against hunger organised by the UNHCR. The principal of Nusrat Senior Secondary School, Mr Karamo S Bojang, believes that the campaign could not have come at a better time in light of the stratospheric increase in the price of food items.
Also speaking, the deputy head boy of the school, Abdul Kabir Daffeh, called on the government to promote mechanised farming and encourage women farmers whom, he uttered, play no small role in food production. He also stated that more should be done by the Government to promote agriculture in schools, which according to him will go a long way in controlling the up-swing in the cost of food items.
The cost of food items has been a major source of concern to the Gambian public with the price of staple rice running up to D900 from D500 in a space of six months.

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