22 November 2008



Illiteracy is seen as one of the bigggest problems confronting developing countries and The Gambia is no exception. It was in awareness of this that Sheikh Hatab Foundation Nursery School opened its gates to one hundred and sixteen kids in Gunjur village. The kids, aged between 3 and 5, are to learn both arabic and English in the school, which acccording to the founder of the school is the first of its kind in the Village.
The school has a staff of four, comprising three teachers and a cleaner. The founder of the school, Ahmed Manjang, expressed confidence that his Staff would live up to expectatons as they are all vastly experienced in the teaching field. He also thanked Pageant who provided the school with chairs and tables, without which they would not have opened. He also thanked them for the one hundred soft balls which have been absolute fun to the kids and would go a long way in the learning process.

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