17 December 2008



Tobaski is one of the major festivals on the Muslim calendar and observed by many in Gunjur village.

I arrived in the village shortly after dark by bus. Tired, I went to bed early and fell asleep almost as soon as I hit the pillow. I woke up to the beautiful sight of people in new-looking attires and the festive mood was unmistakable. The festival was formally marked at the village praying ground on which thousands of people descended. Soon after rams were slaughtered, some of whose meat was given to relatives, friends and those who did not have one.

In the evening, the village centre was jam-packed full of children who obviously were having a nice Tobaski and some of them could be seen giving some of their pocket money, locally known as “SALIBO”, to the photographer to take their pictures in their beautiful attires.

The next three days that followed were littered with musical programs and parties which were all entertaining and enjoyable. Too bad - I had to come back to Serrekunda here to prepare for my first-term exams on the day the hottest, most popular DJ in the Gambia and his entourage were to descend on Gunjur and treat its people to some scintillating music. Poor me!!!!!! But next time:

Sainey Darboe.

Note from Pippa: Sainey is sitting with his family in the front row of the photo. He is wearing a purple outfit similar to that of his father (sitting immediately to the right) while Alhassan, his twin brother who also writes for our blog, is sitting to the left (next but one) in a white outfit.

04 December 2008



Gunjur village is bracing up for a football match between Cathy and Gamcel football Clubs on the eve of the Tobaski. The match has been dubbed as the clash of rivals, which is going to make it all the more exciting. The previous matches between the two teams have always been scintillating, entertaining and fiercely contested.
Gunjur league is organised by a committee selected by representatives of various teams in the village and its satellites and the winner goes home with a beautiful trophy and a cash prize. The runners-up also get a consolation prize.
Speaking about the importance of the league, the Chairman of Gunjur Sports Association, Buba Bojang, said it is not so much the pecuniary gains that make the organising of the league important but it makes the village much more lively and, more than any other thing, brings the people together.
Gunjur league is always interesting and has over the years produced players for the Gambia national teams such as Habib Kunta and star Janneh, just to name but a few, who have gone on to be among Gambia's finest players.
[Dave adds - Tobaski is the Gambian name for Eid Al Adha. see more information]