20 January 2009



Several reasons lead to the low enrolment rate in Gambian schools, especially the enrolment of the girl child. In most circumstances when the father cannot meet the cost of keeping children in school it is the girl child who is withdrawn from school.
It is in light of this situation that Sheikh Hatab Nursery school launched a Mothers' club on the 21st of December 2008.
According to the founder of the school, Ahmed Manjang, the initiative is to support the education of young children. The initiative, according to him, is based on the doctrine of self-reliance to champion a common cause to extend educational opportunities to as many children as possible who had hitherto been denied access to education through no fault of theirs and the Club has the folllowing objectives as well:
1. To empower the mothers of Gunjur to take full responsibility for the education of their children.
2. To facilitate mother/child and parent/parent counselling, especially on sensitive topics such as environmental degradation and personal hygiene.
3. To provide opportunities for mothers to sensitise the communities on the importance of early childhood education.
4. To promote female participation in their daughters' education and empower women to make informed decisions.
5. To support the education of needy children in the school.

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