02 February 2009


Gambia flashback from Scotland

Hallo from Scotland,

I have been back in Scotland for four weeks now after teaching in Nusrat High School, Serrekunda. I had a wonderful time there teaching English language to grades 10,11 and 12. It was very different from here, classes of 60 or 68 compared to 24 to 30 . Teachers going to the students' classes rather than them coming to us and shortages of materials and equipment. Only two female teachers in the entire school while here ladies are in the majority. No tea or coffee available in the staffroom. Also different was the attitude, behaviour and standard of achievement of pupils. All better in Nusrat. I was very impressed and it made my time in a new culture and environment a pleasant one.

I hope all my students and individuals I met like the two Sambous, Bakari, Yuba and Sainey and his brother, Fatou and Isatou are all doing well.

Hello too to all staff . You were a great bunch.

It's snowing here, no sign of the sun. Mrs Davis

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