15 February 2009


Pageant receives a warm welcome in Gunjur

The visiting Pageant group today received a warm welcome in Gunjur at Sheikh Hatab Memorial Nursery School.

The group was greeted with songs of welcome !!!!!! welcome!!!!!! accompanied with clapping by the mothers of the kids attending the nursery school, and some onlookers who converged there to enjoy the Kora entertainment by a local based kora group led by Jally Madi Suso (a well known kora player, who is used by many locals for entertainment during ceremonies).

The group also had a meeting with the mother's club of the school. Speaking at the meeting, Ahmed Manjang the proprietor of the school, thanked Pageant for providing them with furniture and other learning materials, without which the kids would have been wandering in the street doing nothing.

After the meeting, the group engaged themselves painting with the kids, many of whom were so happy and keen to be painting with them.

The visit to the school wrapped up with a dance by the group. One dance that obviously caught many people's eyes and sent them laughing their hearts out was Ian's.

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