17 February 2009


Pageant Trip Feb 2009

Friday 13th February

Today we visited the tourist attractions in the Gambia while Pippa and Ian visited children in their compounds. The crocodile pool was even better than the guide books said. First we were taken around a very informative museum and then, as we were walking along a path through woodland, we came across live crocodiles lying in the shade. It took some convincing but we all touched, or in my case shook hands with, a crocodile.

Next we went onto the monkey park and fed them peanuts. One kind of monkey was very tame and would take it straight from your hand but we were lucky enough to see a much shyer monkey in the distance which was larger and orange. To refresh ourselves, we went to Lamin Lodge for a drink. Anne turned her back for a second and a monkey stole her drink. If it was any consolation, the monkey appeared to enjoy Anne's drink immensely.

We finished the evening off at Nefertiti's with Lindsey.

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