17 February 2009


Pageant Trip Feb 2009

Sunday 15th February

An early start today as we were visiting Gunjurs new nursery school which had only been running since November. The people to take us there were the twins Alhassan and Sainey because the nursery had opened up just down the road from where their family's compound was. After meeting and greeting the twins' lovely family, we had a very musical welcome at Gunjur's nursery. We all joined in helping some of the children paint and then had a meeting with the headmaster, the proprietor and the founder of the school, all three of whom gave very forward thinking speeches which showed a lot if insight into ways to improve the school.

Musa, the twins' elder brother who is a qualified chef, cooked us all a traditional meal of rice, fish and peanut sauce which was delicious. We then exchanged gifts with the family who were some of the nicest and most friendly people I have ever met in The Gambia.

A long hot day was ended by a relaxing meal in the restaurant.

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