11 March 2009


Great news from the Darboe twins!

We have just received two emails, one from each of the Darboe twins.
Alhassan writes:
Hi Pippa,
I have just won an essay competition organised by the American embassy in Banjul.
I am like a celebrity to the media today as every media house wants to speak with me. And I tell you that I will be all over the papers this week,and I will be on GRTS speaking to journalists for the first time.
Thank you all very much for all your encouragement, you made us believe we can do a lot of things if only we want to and this has been pushing us so much even in Maths which I never want to do.
As for now I cannot write any more as I am so happy that I need to relax myself mentally to write anything of sense.
Sainey writes:
This is very good news we want to share with you. Alhassan has emerged winner in, guess what, an essay competition for secondary schools organised by the American embassy in The Gambia. He received a cash prize of 250 dollars and a number of other things. The prize giving ceremony took place at the embassy lawn in Fajara in the afternoon.. It was nice and even funny to see a clearly elated Alhassan talking to journalists (I had to tell them many times that I was not the winner as they could not tell us apart) who were all struggling for a word from him. I am so pleased for him but hey, I am green with envy!
I submitted an entry as well and got a certificate of appreciation and a number of useful books. It is not so much the pecuniary gain that makes it so important but it is an immense source of encouragement. Writing on the blog has helped us in an awful lot of ways and better writing skills is one of them. Our house in Bakoteh is big but it is too small for us tonight. Why don't you join us?

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