08 March 2009



We arrived back from visiting our sponsored young man Abdoulie Wadda in The Gambia on March 4th. We were proud to find that he is doing exeptionally well. His headmaster was grateful for the Maths books that we gave to the school and Abdoulie, please see photo.
We were invited to his family compound in Banyaka where we met all his lovely family. We gave Abdoulie a new phone and his brothers and sisters a variety of gifts and toys that they loved.
Whilst at Banjul airport on our return we spotted a lady that we recognised but had never met. We based this recognition on a ponytail and what looked like a blue Pageant t-shirt. We gingerly enquired if in fact she was "Pippa" and were delighted to find we were right. Pippa knew that we were at the airport as the headmaster had seen her at school the day after us. We had a lovely chat and we were pleased to find that she is indeed a lovely lady.

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