29 April 2009


Another visiting day

Monday 13th April
We started by going to Campama school to hand over money for their ongoing project and admire the very smart and well-cared for school compound. Such a difference from when we first visited. Then on to deliver more forms to various students, and catch up with some of the families we have known now for several years. Frances & Tina were especially pleased to meet up with old friends such as Ellen and her family, and Hawa and her family in their new compound. All of us were delighted to be treated to a special Domada lunch, courtesy of Wandifa’s cousin. Our very favourite Gambian meal – thank you Jonsaba. On to Wandifa’s compound for more hairbraiding (Frances this time) and sewing machine practice at making bags.
On our return to the hotel Wandifa, Yankuba and Pippa checked over all the student records to ensure no forms had been forgotten – no easy task now that PAGEANT sponsors so many young people!
An evening at Billy’s along the road rounded off the day perfectly.
(Text by Tina)

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