11 April 2009



Yesterday marked the end of a mega-exciting trip up-country. It is the furthest I have gone and it was quite interesting to see other areas beyond my immediate environs. I was amazed to see for myself how different other parts of the Gambia are from the part I hail from.
Shall I go on? Because I could. I was also lucky enough to go bird-watching and my mesmerization had no bounds seeing lots of beautiful birds with their colourful plumage on the banks of the River Gambia. My twin brother and I took time out to talk to some young people from Jarreng and asked them questions about life there, which was by any stretch of the imagination interesting and eye-opening.
On the overall, the trip was enormous fun as the ever charming and kind-to-a-fault Tina (don't mind me Pippa) was on hand to cheer us all up despite the effect of the bumpy roads. We also had a lovely time travelling with fabulous Frances and Claire to whom we both enjoyed talking and asking, shall I say, lots of silly questions.

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