05 April 2009


Latest from The Gambia!! (Friday 3rd April)

Hi all!!

Today was another wonderful day! We spent the morning in KMJ Nursery School where we started off by doing a sensory story. The story was called 'Rain' and we used many props to help tell the story and make it more interesting for the children. We used bubbles which the children were fascinated by, rain makers to demonstrate the sound of the rain, a lightening stick and a thunder tube. After the story we sang a version of the 'If you're happy and you know it' which used animals!! The children (and teachers) all loved our impressions of the animals and all were very keen to join in!!

After the songs we then did some art. We let the children tear up tissue paper strips and create pictures by overlapping the strips and adding feathers and sequins! The teachers joined in with great enthusiasm!

On our return trip to the hotel we called in to see Linda's new house which was lovely. We had a couple of hours relaxing at the hotel and then had enjoyed a meal out at a local fish restaurant. A brilliant day!!

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