21 April 2009


Science and Art at schools

Monday 6th
Monday saw us off to Bakau for an eventful morning visiting lots of family compounds to give out forms to students so that they could write letters to their sponsors. We saw no less than 12 students and were able to update 6 photos as these pupils had changed considerably since we last saw them! We also fitted in a visit to Timbooktoo book- and coffee-shop as well as visits to 2 schools, Bakau New Town and SOS Senior Secondary. At the latter Pippa gave an impromptu science lesson on how to use a laser raybox and a set of lenses which demonstrate various optical phenomena. She had an appreciative audience including the headmaster and science teachers. The head asked the science teachers to let him know when the next lessons were going to be so that he could join in and use the new resources!

Tuesday 7th
Today we went to Brikama to visit Brikamadina Pipeline Nursery School to do some art work with the children. We arrived to find over 60 very eager children waiting for us! They were extremely well behaved even though they were very excited and were a credit to their teacher Fatou who is married to Lamin Jammeh from the hotel. We sang songs, told stories and then let them experiment with paint and printing materials. A great and very messy time was had by all! After this we visited Jambanjali School and Day Care Centre to see a newly sponsored child and give out more forms. We were treated to some lovely singing from every class!
We drove back to the hotel calling in at NARI on our way, to discuss the latest progress with the artemisia plant project, plus several more family compounds. In the evening we met Linda for a lovely meal at her local Italian restaurant.

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