29 April 2009



Tuesday 14th April

A very strange thing happened today in the Gambia - Pippa, aided and abetted by Tina, Frances, Claire, Wandifa, Yankuba and Abdoulie, took a whole day’s HOLIDAY!!!!! It’s true dear reader, she really did have a break…………..what’s more, she behaved like a tourist with her accomplices, and went on a boat trip, from Denton bridge to Lamin Lodge and back! And as if that wasn’t enough, the 4 ladies decided to finish the day in style, gathering Linda up in our wake, and heading off to Ngala Lodge for a celebratory meal, a fitting finale to a wonderful, action-packed, exhausting, exhilarating trip.

Thank you to all the amazing Gambians who helped us over the fortnight, especially to Alhassan & Sainey, who laughed with us (and at us!), to Yankuba who explained so much about his country, to Abdoulie who drove us so carefully, and most of all to Wandifa the wonderful, for all his hard work and good humour. We couldn’t have done it without you all!!!
(Text by Tina)

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