05 April 2009


Treat day for children!


Today we took 6 sponsored children from Wandifa's and neighbouring compounds out for the day! Wandifa, his wife Mariama and Yankuba also came! We started off at Albert Market where all the children had some pocket money to spend on whatever they wanted. We took the opportunity to buy some material and get measured for some Gambian outfits to be made up for us! We can't wait to see what they'll be like!! After the market we went to Billy's, a local cafe, for lunch with the children. They tucked into chicken and chips and also had ice cream for pudding which they really enjoyed!! We then took the children up the Arch which is the highest landmark in The Gambia. We had a brilliant view of the whole of Banjul and the children were very excited to be up so high and also to see the sea as they knew we would be going to the beach next!

After a drink at the hotel pool bar, we went to play on the beach and take the children swimming in the sea! For two of them, it was their first experience of the sea - the shrieks of excitement could probably be heard on the North Bank!!! Lamin in particular did not stop smiling and laughing the whole time we were in the water and Claire and Frances nearly got pulled under by the enthusastic jumping and bouncing girls! The children had a wonderful day and when we waved them goodbye we knew that they'd had an experience to remember and treasure!!

We went to an Indian restaurant in Senegambia for a relaxing evening meal passing hundreds of very excited Gambian football fans rushing towards the capital to celebrate their under-17's team winning the African Cup. Quite an achievement for such a small country in a large continent!

Love to all at home and pictures will follow tomorrow when we can get to a better computer!! xxxxxx

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