04 January 2010



Marlborough lies thousand of miles away from the Coasal village of Gunjur in The Gambia, but relations between the two towns could not have been closer since the inception of their link in 1982. The link is set to grow from strengh to strength if the words of the Head of women Gnansimba Mai Kebbeh and Alkalo Sulayman Touray who recently made a three-week visit to Marlborough are anything to go by.

Speaking to a gathering in the village square, The head of women Mai Kebbeh stated that they discussed a whole lot of issues affecting women in the Village with their Marlborough hosts, with a view to coming up with possible solutions.
"I pointed out the need for more milling machines in the village, which will help us a lot because the ones we have are not enough granted the level of demand. To this end, they have promisd to give us ten milling machines", she uttered to a wild cheer from the crowd.
She also stated that their hosts reiterated commitment to sponsoring the women's garden, which serves as a source of income for a lot of women who grow vegetables there and use it to pay their children's school fees.

For his part Alkalo Sulayman Touray revealed that the skills centre being built with funding from Marlborough will be supported to help young people in acquisition of skills. He added that they also had a meeting with Gunjur immigrants in the United Kingdom whom he advised to cherish the image of their village and Country by being honest and law-abiding.
"I also made it clear to them that their village and Country needs their in-put in our strive for Development and attainment of our collective goals", he said.
He finally concluded that the exchange visit between the two communities will continue despite recent challenges, which he fell short of mentioning, and thanked the villagers for their warm welcome.
The Gunjur-Marlborough link has come under strain when only four out of twelve people who went to the United Kingdom on an exchange visit returned, with the rest absconding. However, the visit to Marlborough by the two leaders in the Gunjur community is seen as an immense step to improve relations.
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