24 February 2010


Feb 24 Kathy's blog

Kathy’s blog Feb 24 – really hot today

Beginning to wind down to going home. Last evening during Happy hour Katherine won at Bingo. Her prize was any drink from behind the bar as long as it was a small beer!
picture here shows Pippa ad Ian's bedroom during a packing session for the workshops- we did this 4 times.

Went to KMJ nursery school this morning and were deafened by the children singing! Very impressive though and so many smiling faces. Had to dig and push the minibus out of deep sand just before we got there.

Visited a compound where some children we sponsor live and saw some although the rest were at school. We had seen them a few days ago so it was a settling up visit but good to see them again.

Back to the hotel where Pippa and Ian met Mr Jallow the headteacher from Barra Essau to arrange some work in the school and give him a spare extra microscope. We have 3 left over, two from a school that didn’t show and one spare. We had decided that there were 3 very outstanding teachers/schools in the workshops we could give an extra microscope to, and Barra Essau was one. Mr Giteh from Bakalarr school had also come to visit, so it was nice to meet him again.

Peter and Katherine went home today. We were sorry to see them go. They were really great in the workshops and good company outside.

At the hotel you couldn’t even get cool in the shade it was so hot. Noticed a few very sunburned people around the pool. We went to Linda’s in the evening and out for dinner. Restaurant ran out of gas so we were there a long time waiting for food. It was very nice when it did finally turn up.

Tomorrow is a rest day hopefully and a short boat trip if we can, then back to pack for leaving on Thursday.

A very full two weeks for me and three for Anne and Pippa. Weather sounds awful in the UK so not looking forward to that. At least spring should be on the way soon.

Very glad we came and did this but the amount of organisation Pippa and Ian did had to be seen to be believed.

Bye for now


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