23 February 2010

Kathy’s blog Feb 23 – another very hot day

Today a reasonably early start to drive down to Jambanjelli basic cycle school. Greeted by the teacher of the grade 5 class that were linking with the Ipswich school, and we also met the Principal, a very experienced and nice man. Went to the classroom and Pippa, Ian, Wandifa, Peter and Katherine left us to go to a few nursery schools further on.

The children in the class were just finishing letters to the kids in Ipswich. The standard of English and writing was very high, especially when you think that they are only about 11 years old and learning a new language. We showed them a short movie of the children in Ipswich and then filmed them saying hello and also singing a good song. We had a few rehearsals first.

The children and their teacher were really delightful and full of fun. The biggest laugh was when they tried to teach us Mandinka. They thought our pronunciation was very funny and I think it probably was!

Afterwards they gave us a bag of oranges as a gift. We will try to get them juiced in the morning for breakfast.

On the way back we stopped off a few times at schools or to meet up with families to arrange the school fees. We then were all invited to visit Wandifa’s compound where we met up with his family and saw the new baby. He was so cute and small but really lovely looking. He was fast asleep but had been keeping them awake during the night crying a bit. We were cooked a good lunch and everyone enjoyed seeing the family again and having fun with some of the toys we had taken.

Arrived back at the hotel very hot and dusty. My face looked like a beetroot, and the pool was very good at cooling us down. Also in time for Happy Hour – Hurrah!

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