23 May 2010



Sohna's Football Club were crowned champions of Alhagie Nyassi Nooran tournament held at Serre Kunda West mini-stadium in a well attended final match on Friday 21st May 2010.
Safira FC could have grabbed an early goal cushion in the 3rd minute when Tamsir Jallow was passed the ball from the flanks at short distance but he slipped on the grass just before he fired the shot. Sulayman Corr latched onto a pass through the midfield and dribbled past the defender as well as the guard-man but his powerful shot hit the side netting.
Sohna's were awarded a free kick about two yards outside the box in the 21st minute of the game which Sanna Sonko took but the goal keeper made a superb save and Mam Jange was tee-ed up in the 25th minute within striking distance of the goal but the referee declared that he was off-side.
Mam Jange got on the end of a pass in the 37th minute from their key striker, Modou Gai, who proved quite influential in the game but his shot went over the bar. The dead lock was soon breached in the 40th minute when Carlos Mendy completed a shrewd move in Safira's rear-guard and ringed the goal keeper to put the goal in the net, causing wild celebrations among their fans in the stands.
The resumption of action in the second segment of the game saw Safira pile pressure on their opponents as they pushed for parity on the score board and Sohna's knew they were in for a match.
Sulay Coker unleashed a shot at close range in the 48th minute but the goal keeper was equal to it and Tamsir Jammeh made a lovely cross in the 76th minute for which the doctor only prescribed a cool tap into the net but his team mates failed to connect, leading to an awkward clearance.
The most glorious goal scoring opportunity of the game was manufactured in the 45th minute when Kebba Wally of Safira FC was set up for a header at point blank range only to put it into the hands of the goal keeper which prompted uproar from the crowd.
The game concluded 1-0 in favor of Sohna's Football Club who were given a trophy with a cash prize of D3000 whilst runners-up Safira received a sum D1500 as consolation.

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