11 June 2010



Armitage Senior Secondary School recently held their annual speech and prize giving ceremony at the school grounds in Janjangbureh, CRR. Over two hundred students graduated in the fields of Science, Commerce, Liberal Arts and Basic Technology and prizes were awarded to the deserving students. The prize for the best graduating male student went to Musa Wally and the best female student was Bandeh Bobb.

The guest speaker, Pa Macoumba Njie, managing director of Trust Bank in his eloquent speech noted that Armitage has built an enviable reputation as a citadel of learning, testimony to which is the list of Gambians who have been educated there and gone on to develop great careers in medicine, law, business, politics, banking and the list goes on. He further pointed out that this ‘great bastion of secondary education’ has been able to produce a long list of luminaries who have led exemplary lives and contributed immensely to the development of our great nation.

He said that discipline is paramount in all student activities, by instilling a sense of sacrifice, service above self and a dedication to duty for the benefit of the whole student body. He asserted that every student who has the benefit of attending this great school knows about the unparallel emphasis put on hard work and the pursuit of excellence.

He elucidated that as graduating students, having finished their secondary education, they were now faced with an array of options and the choice they make now may have a lingering impact in their future career direction. He opined that they are facing many challenges, ranging from the difficulty of selecting a career path to sourcing the necessary finances to fund their university education.

The vice principal of Armitage school, Isaac K Koroma in his report said that the 2009 WASSCE results were a great improvement over last year’s results in quality of passes in all subjects and the overall percentage was 74.1 percent. He further revealed that the general school discipline is satisfactory, noting that on striving to reach a desired goal a ‘hold tight’ mechanism which includes guidance and counseling, roll calling and cautionary measures was put in place. He advised the students that now they are stepping outside the gate of Armitage for the turbulent world of bitter sweet with all its attendant trials and tribulations and urged them to bear in mind that it is a different world. “A world that insists on conformity, regular work, new responsibilities and many challenges,” he noted. He commended the ex-students of the school for their humanitarian assistance.

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