24 September 2010


Young People Need Protection from Illicit Drugs - Director Public prosecution

The protection of young people from hard drugs has been described as crucial to the sustainable development of any country. Making these remarks was The Gambia's Director of Public Prosecution, Richard Chenge, at the inauguration of board members of Youth Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse (YAPSA) held at Seaview Hotel in Kololi.
He noted that there are different types of prohibited drugs which have the tendency of negatively influencing human behavior. The deceptive nature of hard drugs, he submitted, is that it gives sensational pleasure to those who take it whilst according them considerable sense of self-esteem and boldness. He added that hard drugs, in actuality, destroy their will power and are also detrimental to their Health and wellness.
The country's top prosecutor further asserted that the drug control Act has made possession and dealing of drugs an offence.
"Young people under 18 years of age are more prone to seek the deceitful illusion of pleasure given by drugs due mainly to Youthful exuberance and lack of experience. The protection of young people against drugs should be the primary priority of any democratic Government".
While a few drug dealers may live in wealth and affluence from the dirty trade, he continued, the capita income of the country becomes very low leading to poverty, disease and death.
Concluding, he suggested an amendment of the drug control act of The Gambia to hand severe punishment to those found guilty of engagement in trafficking of illicit drugs with young people as he urged for more sensitization campaigns to create more awareness about the negative effects of drugs.
The Director of YAPSA, Assan Jallow, revealed that the Organization was founded with the prime goal of creating awareness among the youth about the impacts of drugs.
"Drug tafficking is a growing problem in West Africa. United Nations officials believe that West Africa is being used as a transit point by Latin American drug cartels for smuggling cocaine to Europe".
Youths, he enunciated, are the future leaders of the country and it is essential they understand their role in that respect and stay away from drugs as well as other activities that can undermine the country's efforts in achieving her developmental goals.
"I therefore advise YAPSA members to spread our message to other young people and in supporting the fight aginst illicit drugs. We should also join our leaders in being always patriotic and honest in our efforts to achieve the Vision 2020 national development blue print and the Millenium Development Goals.
Also speaking, Beatrice Prom, representing The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that sound-minded youth is sine qua non for sustainable for the development and growth of the economy through entrepreneurship and skills acquisition.
She closed by assuring the Organization of her Office's continued support and collaboration, noting that they have a similar goal of developing the Country.
The Board members are Richard Chenge, the Director of Public Prosecution; Malick Jeng US Embassy Banjul; Beatrice Prom, Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Abbas Sandena, President's International Award; Momodou Jeng, Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education and Albert Cocks, Director of Gambia Food and Nutrition Agency.

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