04 October 2010


Student Week to teach Leadership Skill

The President of the University of the Gambia Students' Union, Ousman Bojang, has said that the “student week” to be held from 19th to 24th October will immensely help in instilling leadership skills in the participants from different faculties whilst also promoting understanding and cooperation amongst them.

The initiative, he revealed, will take the form of lectures, debate, quiz, football, volleyball and basketball which will help the students to share and make lasting friendships that could be helpful to them during and after their time at the University.

The lack of a campus for the University, acccording to him, has meant that students from the various schools in the University do not know each other, which takes away from them the opportunity to compare notes and share experiences which could be very “helpful for their studies”.

“It was our immediate predecessors who came with the idea of bringing students together for a week in a conducive environment where they can interact, share and learn from each other. It was a substantial success given the high turn-out and cooperation of all involved to achieve our objectives” he stated.

He further expressed optimism that more success awaits the initiative this year granted the enormous support it has received from the Chancellor, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Dr Yahya A.J.J Jammeh and Vice Chancellor Professor Muhammad Kah as well as the entire administration of the University.

Recalling last year’s “student week” an Economics student, Khalilou Sanyang, noted that it was a pleasant experience for him as he had the chance to spend a week with old and new friends which “was great fun”.

“University studies can be very hectic and stressful sometimes, so a week of fun is not, to my mind, a bad idea. I am so excited. I cannot wait for it” he declared.

A second year law student, Teneng Gitteh, who was recently crowned “Miss University of the Gambia” in a beauty pageant competition and serves as its ambassador, said that the “student week” held last year has enabled many participants to be more confident in public presentations like debates, quiz competitions and discussions during lectures.

“It is amazing how much many participants have learnt from the experience. I would encourage the Students' Union to do more in promoting this initiative because it brings incalculable benefits to the folks involved” she noted.

A second year Political Science student, Amadou Camara, said that it is very important for students to meet at a less informal setting and compare notes on their respective courses.

“We have a lot to learn from each other because we all have different experiences which we can use to our advantage. I intend to use it to seek some advice from other students on the Courses they have done which I have not. I trust this will be of great benefit to me as I will have an idea what to expect and what I can do to meet the challenges” he concluded.

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