24 February 2011


Day 4: 24 Feb

For Ian and I leisurely start to the day as we were visiting students at local schools. Pippa and Anne, however were visiting schools on the north bank meaning they left around 6.30.  They are still not back yet.

We visited 4 schools, Muslim,Christian and non denominational.  A coffin was brought through the gate of the muslim school while we were there.  I chatted with one student at another school who wants to be an engineer -very bright.  They had been studying the work function of surfaces (how easy it is strip electrons from a material if I remember right). 

In one school I came across a door marked "Parish Office".  Knocking on the door I met the vicar of the church who was very friendly. It seems the bible study did happen yesterday but they all went to the home of a person who was housebound. Will try again next week since I now know how it works.

In the afternoon I reviewed my science experiments for the workshops.  In consequence I have asked a waiter for some straws (any guesses what experiment this might be?).

Chris x

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