23 February 2011


Days 2-3: 22/23 Feb

Panic over. Looks like we can actually run the planned science workshops.  Without going into detail, all the teaching kit shipped out around Christmas WAS where it was meant to be by the time we arrived at the teaching college this morning.

We were allocated one lab to set up, which we swept and wiped down (the Gambia is very dusty) and proceeded to sort the kit into piles for the various topic stations we are running; light, mechanics, waves, magnetism, pressure etc.  This took up to lunch (omelette and bread - v good).
The afternoon we got various experiments running.  Abdoulie and Wandifa built a wire and wooden bars waves demo kit. I repaired the ripple tank (packing insulation tape was a good move).  Pippa played with timing gates, Ian with balances, and Anne was stores control.
Got back in time for a quick drink then walked to the anglican church for what was advertised as a bible study at 6. No one there - still I chatted with one local each way.  One pointed out that people have several wives out there but I said I'd stick with just the one thanks.
This evening we are off to the local rotary club.

Yesterday we visited a centre for supporting those with physical disabilities.  Had a good chat with the wheelchair repair guys. The material they have to work with!

The rest of the day we visited the compounds of several families of sponsored children.  Lots of lovely kids.

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