04 March 2011


Day 10: 2 March 2011

Teaching off the board dominates in all subjects – not just in science. Having good spoken English in Gambia is important as it is the common means of communication in a country with perhaps 8 tribal languages, however the standard is often poor. Practising speaking and listening to how you sound greatly helps develop speech. Today Anne and I were dropped off at a lower basic school she has visited before.

She was kindly allowed to take a class and was able to show a small group how to use a tape recorder creatively to record what they see around them, listen to what they said, and learn how to express themselves. It was also fun which is so key to wanting to learn. The recorder was left with the school with the hope they will use it – we shall see...

We also visited the fish market on the beach at Tanji - a place of frenetic but organised activity.

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