01 March 2011


Day 8: 28 Feb 2011

For some reason I woke at 3.30am and once awake I began to mull over ways of demonstrating magnetism, my topic for the day, to my class. Came up with the idea of clamping two bar magnets in mid air and sticking steel pins to them. The pins should align with the magnetic field direction. (Note from Pippa - I thought I would insert the photo of Chris's set-up - it worked really well!)

Never did get back to sleep but was in good time for breakfast.
Our last day of physics workshops went well but you all were very tired by the end. There were short speeches from a college rep and the minister. The highlight was an improvised drama from the students showing how not to teach (all from the blackboard) and how to teach better (using experiment). Very funny. The college was very helpful to us during our three days and the student teachers and teachers got stuck in with enthusiasm. Our hope is that something of the approach will stick and we will begin to see science teaching become more accessible and dynamic.

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