01 March 2011


Day 9: 1 March 2011

A change of tack today plunging into a very well organised lower basic (i.e. primary) school. Pippa lead a session to a class of ~10 year olds on microscopes. Neither Joe nor I had realised we might be teaching science too. We had none of the lovely science kit from the college but hurriedly devised a short class on pendulums; our apparatus stones, a piece of garden string at the bottom of my rucksack, and my phone stopwatch. The class of 45 joined in well.

In the afternoon 5 children came to the hotel to swim and receive gifts from sponsors. We also played football and several local older youngsters joined in and did very well passing to the less able footballers. The children were delightful.

Tomorrow we are of to a village over an hour away on bumpy “roads”. Might be helping Anne teach English! Fab.

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