22 April 2011


Day 10: 20 April - Science, Socialising and a New Discovery!

Notes from Tina (before I forget!):
To Sheila H – Yusupha from Jarreng (sponsored by Chris & family) would like you to know that he thought you were a 'very good Science Teacher'. Joe B & Chris – you should know that Yusupha was able to describe in some detail what he had learned from the February Science workshops to his teacher, who was so impressed, he awarded Yusupha an 'A' grade! Bos & Lyn – Seedy was speechless with pleasure when he received his gifts from you, and he really enjoyed his treat day. To the Skinner family – Goats are SO much fun!! To Gill and Bob – the birds have been fabulous! Including huge vultures, tiny sunbirds, hummingbirds, and pretty little hornbills. To Chris and Charlotte S – we have missed you these last few days!

Day 10
While Pippa was doing complicated things at the bank this morning, Tina wrote up the blog for yesterday, and Frances nobly spent two and a half hours trying (and succeeding) to fix Yankuba's Netbook, which had lost the ability to connect properly to the internet. Working in a different mode to Windows was not easy – Dave G you would have been proud of her!

Today saw the team heading out to Sukuta Nema to visit a new Senior Secondary School and the adjacent Basic Cycle School. Pippa's most senior sponsored student is now teaching at both these schools, and had asked if we could provide any resources as they had none. He was right – we could certainly not see any evidence of any teaching resources, useful or otherwise. We had great fun introducing some Year 12 pupils to a Ray Box with lenses, in addition to a range of magnifying glasses, and eventually, a microscope. When attention flagged, we reverted to the tried and tested 'quick reaction' test using the falling ruler!

Driving away from the schools, our driver Abdoulie stopped the car to show us a 'Jackfruit' Tree (Artocarpus heterophyllus) – a leafy tree with the largest fruit we have ever seen – much larger than a rugby ball, and quite spiky to touch. It was really spectacular!

Next we went to visit a lovely young Gambian friend of ours, who is now a married lady, having married a Dutchman last year. We were very pleased to meet her husband, and they both showed us round their lovely home. We were able to see their wedding photos, and Hawa, as ever, looked lovely in these also.

We were pleased to make it back to the Hotel just in time for 'Happy Hour' – what a great invention for the thirsty worker in the heat!

We rounded off a lovely day with a meal out in The Senegambia with Linda and Fatoumatta Saho. We decided Fatoumatta was by far the most skilled person at the table, as she can speak 5 languages no less. A very clever girl!

Lots of love x x x

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